Hello once again community, Shura from Rosaria back on the blog saddle (I actually find this really cool :P)

My first blog, where I discussed five points that Nubee screwed up on VC had broad acceptance, and I received intresting feedback. So I decided to give it another shot.

I would like to pitch in one recommendation I have thought about lately based on an idea already presented by someone else (excuse my lack of originality):

A union of Alliance Leaders and Vice Leaders to address Nubee on the issues that flaw VC.

This idea had been pitched before in the Alliance Recruitment Drive, but no one seemed to really impulse it. I think we should. We can't allow Nubee to just keep stomping on us.

I am no Leader or Vice Leader myself. Remember, the Joe Average player (I don't even have a job on Rosaria >.<), but back to the issue, Nubee should understand the power that lies within those that actually make THEIR work worthwhile: Us, the players.

I'm not just calling this out of desperation. I know VC has a lot of potential to improve and become much greater than it is. The original idea was good, I brought it back to the fray because I believe it deserves a chance of happening.

I played for more than year, and it pains me to see that all my progress is turning out to nowhere now. I'm pretty sure most of you feel the same.

We can agree later on a common list of issues. Right now, just give this idea some thought and let me know what you think.

It might not be feasible at all, but hey, some one has to bee the first to stand up for it :P

By the way, Santa Oracle has captured my heart. SO. FREAKING. CUTE >/////<

Nice one AkkeyJin, you convinced me to stick around the game for another 2 weeks. Surprise us again with more stunning cards for New Year's Eve :3

Thats it for this time, thanks for reading and good hunting :)


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