So, said and done. My last blog in here.

I uninstalled VC this afternoon. I felt freedom for once in 18 months :P

So now, with the game broken and balanced towards cash, I have no place in there anymore. I'm not going to stress myself over inexistant drops at Witch Gates with stupidly high vitality requirements, broken ranks with 4 months of sword restocks for a single reward (this goes to you 4 or 5 parrots on this wiki who spam with comments about this, the sword drops are close to nonexistant and the mid-rank swords are a laughter, unless you can consistently get x15 dmg/50% bonus cards, in which case, either you cash, or you have unlimited reserves of USTs), and the many other things that Nubee slapped into the game to ruin it completely.

Officially, I'm through with the game. My last status was "Off" but I didn't feel like changing it one last time. I am honored to have ranked (while I could) with you. I'll carry you in my memory (I screened all my RRs to use them as wallpapers) :3

Inmense thanks to Royal Unity, Rosaria (who is now on the disband, support Mashi Mashi and join in), FEAR and Serinweis, my longest time trader and former #1, now also retired, Cosmic Cupcake's Dritch, who supported me until the last, Crimsonite, Athena's Fury, Super Rookies's Lien, Criz and Titania, for flooding me 24/7, Circus de XV with its amazing traders and all the other old guard guilds I met on this year and a half.

It'll be sad to see ranks coped with Chinese players (who are Nubee's main income source), but apparently this is the direction it's meant to be and stay. I made a bet with my former Rosaria comrades. I give the game a 6 month life span from today. Eventually, not even free players will be able to keep the pace.

I'll go answer the call of life now. I'm getting drafted to the army in a couple of months and law school is picking up the pace. I need more focus.

Once again, pleased to have played alongside you, and if you choose to quit, good luck with whatever life has for you.

Until never again


PD: I might keep coming back to check on new artworks. I found a FB page that really likes them :D

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