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  • I live in over the rainbow
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is mid-high school woo
  • I am nv (Female in Chinese)
  • CookiesNWaffles


    for those of you who added me 4-5 years before, I'm no longer able to access that account (4hfd5). I should think it's because ownership got transferred to Mynet from Nubee. I'm not sure though so if you all know how to recover accounts from years ago, please inform me (desperately want my magma nuker back ;w;)

    in any case I can't recover it, my new ID will be bq2l4. Feel free to add me there and help me slay some archwitches/FAW/LAW, I desperately need to climb back up :")

    that's all for now hehe will update if I can get back that account :^^^)

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  • CookiesNWaffles

    I was surfing the forums on this Wiki today and found many newbies searching for help with Archwitches and Fantasy Archwitches alike. Apparently, the problem either lies with the Archwitch Brew or Ember. I've gotten used to the field, but the Ember KO's the whole team (Not anymore when I max my Magma's DEF) and I cannot deal maximum damage. I find that pretty annoying. Not to mention the FAWKs too. But there are always a lot of ways to edit your AW team so your team can adapt to the forces of Archwitches.

    There are quite a number of skills to help each newbie to deal maximum damage to the Archwitches whilst avoiding the Archwitch Wave, Brew, Field, and Ember if they are lucky.

    1. The most basic skill, ATK to an enemy or all enemies. If you …

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  • CookiesNWaffles

    So today is the Celebratory Summon for 2M Users. I logged in to VC after school and lunch, and got to my Premium Summon Ticket and Ultimate Summon Ticket. Will I get a Ultra Rare or Super Rare Card today? I had already made my offering to the RNG Gods so I could get something good (That's not real, but possible). I took to the Summon section and hesitated for a while before doing the Premium Summon. Remembering that the Summon Rate for SR and UR is only up by 3x, so the chance for me getting a SR is 9% and UR is 3%, I felt that it was futile getting a UR. However, I still went on with the summon.

    It was a night background. I wasn't surprised about that, knowing it could be a trashtier SR, or Lugh. Or it seems to be nothing I had expected.

    I …

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  • CookiesNWaffles

    Zombie-mode or not?

    February 21, 2014 by CookiesNWaffles

    I've been lying on my bed and thinking if I should really start to get serious on this game. I mean, I'm a casual player. I feel like getting Juno but I need to rank at top 500 to get at least 1 or her. I checked my items but only 1 Light Sword resting there miserably. I want to get Juno... She's cute... Then I remembered the VC news about a boy's death because he did not sleep, just focusing on getting Netherworld Princess. I don't want to end up like him either... But I've got studies and I can't purchase all those swords with my Jewel amount. I've been trying to be thrifty. You will surely bet I'm thinking if I should tell my parents that after I graduate, should I start spending some bucks here and there. To prove I like this game to m…

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  • CookiesNWaffles

    My AW team

    February 16, 2014 by CookiesNWaffles

    I'm just feeling bored VCing without Battle Points, so I'm just writing here and there on pages. I've been wondering who has been writing down Formations of their own AW teams. I've been recording down some AW teams the VCers who post their AW battles on YouTube.

    The first YouTuber who is a VC player I know was Nii-san. He was quite funny, with all that Ultimate Summons and stuff. And of course, he did some SR cards Analysis. He changed his AW team from time to time, from a team of 2 Buffers, 1 Lilim, one self-buffer and crit damager, to a Anti-AW Field team of 3 turn stallers, 1 buffer and a maxed Self Buffer. Sure, I've been using that type of team, and I soloed most of my AW battles (About 90%) but I changed the Battle Start turn staller…

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