My new AW team. Pretty okay in FAW battles.


A Debuff AW team I created. Tested it and proved effective for me.


My AW team for now.

I'm just feeling bored VCing without Battle Points, so I'm just writing here and there on pages. I've been wondering who has been writing down Formations of their own AW teams. I've been recording down some AW teams the VCers who post their AW battles on YouTube.

The first YouTuber who is a VC player I know was Nii-san. He was quite funny, with all that Ultimate Summons and stuff. And of course, he did some SR cards Analysis. He changed his AW team from time to time, from a team of 2 Buffers, 1 Lilim, one self-buffer and crit damager, to a Anti-AW Field team of 3 turn stallers, 1 buffer and a maxed Self Buffer. Sure, I've been using that type of team, and I soloed most of my AW battles (About 90%) but I changed the Battle Start turn staller to Uriel, since I didn't have Venus or Belphegor. He got Lilim from looooong ago, but I don't have one still. He's about level 100 now, so I guess complaining isn't a good idea.

Emoclew was quite a great VC player, maxing his UR cards and all these. He's probably a cash player, but I still like the idea of him being thrifty, saving PS tickets and other stuff. He did post some YouTube videos of his AW teams, teaching both Pure Attack and Debuff teams. You should check him out. His pic is a Noel SR.

There were quite a few other people who had different teams, like freeda gin (I think that was how he was called) having a team of Light cards. He used Cinderella maxed, 2 Polaris, 1 Chronos and 1 Aphrodite. Other people used AW teams that had the same element and other combinations that gave extra stats. What is your AW team and do they symbolize anything? Do they have other unit combinations? Feel free to post here. Also, those newbies can ask the Admins and Top rankers on how to compose their AW team, too. Please post them here so I can analyze them for you. Thanks :)

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