• Crewel

    From Nothing to Something

    February 17, 2015 by Crewel

    I started playing this Game on the Circus Darkly Event without any idea about the game, i found this game by accident while browsing for a card game (ehem! yugioh) and thought it is interesting cuz you can create yer kingdom w/o the worry of getting it REKT by other kingdom lol

    (yep it hurts sometimes when you create a good kingdom then after going to bed and launching the game the next day you'll only see your PRECIOUS kingdom got REKT by an unknown force ZENOBIA - FORTUNE EGG (HSR) - KIKI.

    then "The Three Steps of Love" Event started that everything started on this event i read a lot of info in the wiki (thanks to the wiki contributors). NEW ACHIEVEMENT ACQUIRED "SENDER" lol. then before the event ended RNGsus blessed me with SCATHACH, 20…

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