I started playing this Game on the Circus Darkly Event without any idea about the game, i found this game by accident while browsing for a card game (ehem! yugioh) and thought it is interesting cuz you can create yer kingdom w/o the worry of getting it REKT by other kingdom lol

(yep it hurts sometimes when you create a good kingdom then after going to bed and launching the game the next day you'll only see your PRECIOUS kingdom got REKT by an unknown force </3 "TRAVIAN"). And the battle system is simple no hard grinding that need you to be awake like 24/7.

so yeah back to the main topic From Nothing to Something..

i still remember running a Party of N and R cards and told to myself whoa this is "Hard" and was planning to drop the game but my "GAMER NO TAMASHII" told me that i need to keep moving.. then oneday i got my very First SR card yep im overjoyed when that time came and whats more she is KIKI the Archwitch Killer at that time then followed by ZENOBI, without the knowledge of being a SENDER the event ended like nothing

After Event Lineup -> ZENOBIA - FORTUNE EGG (HSR) - KIKI.

then "The Three Steps of Love" Event started that everything started on this event i read a lot of info in the wiki (thanks to the wiki contributors). NEW ACHIEVEMENT ACQUIRED "SENDER" lol. then before the event ended RNGsus blessed me with SCATHACH, 200% atk Buffer at early stage im quite happy... the event Ended with my lineup change to > ADONIS - ADONIS - ADONIS - SCATHACH (SR) - HIGH VAMPIRE

a lot of event have passed and my current lineup now is.

ADONIS (HSR - still waiting for GSR form . my first Critter that i Treasure a lot)

LEVIATHAN EX (GSR - my 2nd Critter after ADONIS i also Treasure Her)

DEATH STALKER (UR. i like her ART but im only manage to only get her UR form </3)

HUANG LONG (HUR - probably the Ultimate Buffer? cuz SHE have 200% atk/def buff on her GUR form, also im a Fan of AkkeyJin)

SCATHACH (HSR - yep i manage to HSR her from AW boxes, also waitin for GSR form, cuz she is my first Buffer that i treasure a lot like ADONIS and LEVI EX)

Without spending a single Real Money in game (yep im a filthy F2P Gamer </3). a lot of stuff happen and i became a FAW KILLER. (NEW ACHIEVEMENT ACQUIRED "FAW KILLER")tho im still getting rekt by FAW sometime. then the game had a major patch. "NO MORE FIRST FREE FIGHT FOR FAW" this new feature breaks a lot of players heart (lol im sure it is) some people are quitting some people is still playing the game... what is keeping me to play this game? i just want a HUR CALAMITY that is my Final and Absolute AIM... i know im a filthy F2P gamer but i also have a dream haha,

so for the new players and players thats still playing the game i know the game is kind of boring sometimes but if you have a dream lineup i guess it will fuel your "GAMER NO TAMASHII" haha lol, and also to those paying users thank you for making the game alive we F2P players owe you guys a lot for making this game running,

(but sometimes manage your cash lol i see a lot of dedicated paying players spending a lot and getting trolled by RNGsus and ended up paying more, demn bro you're spending too much)

so thats all.. huehue right now im Satisfied on this game how about you?

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