• DMC3Raven

    Our alliance, to this day, has grown immensely. Now that we leveled up, spots are available. 4 spots to be exact. You dont have to be dedicated but we would like players that participate in battles and L/F/AWS from time to time. Hopefully are mystery person returns which would leave only 3 spots open. We'd love for anyone to join to help us all get better as a community. 

    Alliance Name: Qrow

    Leader: [QROW]Raven

    Vice: [QROW]Fated

    Heavy Warrior: N/A

    Knight: [Qrow]Pengu

    Priest: N/A

    Hunter: N/A

    Berserker: N/A

    Paladin: N/A

    Merchant: N/A

    Tactician: N/A

    Hero: N/A

    Current active members: 

    Lvl 138 Raven

    Lvl 120 Sygar Free

    Lvl 143 Fated

    Lvl 128 Roxas

    Lvl 102 Pigeon

    Lvl 85 Sterben

    Lvl 107 ZeD

    Lvl 120 Dove

    Lvl 93 Hisoka

    Lvl 86 Sky

    Lvl 73 Tofu

    Lvl 60 Sparrow

    Lvl 38 Cheese

    We hav…

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