First blog post here (i hesitated because my english suck, you're warned), i want to whine about some detail about this game !

The game is  like many MMO, as time passses, the "power level" of players evolve and thus, many elements of gameplay becomes outdated : the systems of this game are way are too old.

- Card fusion : We still cannot fuse more than 10 cards in the same time, and we don't even know why. Because of this, i'd rather delete N cards than loose my time to fuse them by pack of 10.

- Arcana system : We have to buy arcanas by 5. Yeah this game is neglected.
And because introducing arcanas in the game was the worst idea, players don't even care about the basic stats of a card.

- Normal ennemies : Commons ennemies in the maps are weak as fuck (except for newers players), in result, these fights are incredibly boring and useless.

- Unit bonus : Abondonned. Unit bonuses (except bonus element and rarity) are useless, even if their effects are multiplied by 2, they would still be forgotten.

- Quests system :  Abandonned. This is the sign of a typical old game with devs who don't make any effort.

-  Worship system : whorshipping R cards is a joke, it was fine in the beggining of the game but R cards are no longer "prestigious" anymore.

- Reinforcement system : Relatively forsaken. If you increase sligthly the chance of drop when you share FAW/AW, this function will be much much more popular. Thanks Witch Gate and Elemental Hall for inciting players to play alone.

The game evolved a bit : we can use arcanas atk/def by 10 and open the chests by pack of 10 now ! But it's not sufficient because for 1 problem solved, there is 10 problem who stay here.

When the gameplay elements of a MMO are not in phase with the "power level",  the game is closed or sold to another company.

That's why i will stay a free player until the end,  the devs don't deserve my money. Maybe this will change with Mynet, i wait and see in the shadows, as always...

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