Hi so recently ive been wondering if im considered moderate or advanced compared to others in my level range (70-90). I will show you some of my stats and tell me what you think :)

  • Attack Team

I tend to kill FAW 95% of the time , i only lose when FAW do Ember slash after my chocolitier doesnt work. All my skills are upgraded and all cards are maxed at the moment. Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-25-18

  • Defense Team

Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-28-13

  • Profile

Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-26-27 Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-27-10 Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-27-47

  • Kingdom

Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-34-34 Screenshot 2015-05-06-21-30-07

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