• Delwack

    Mynet recently changed the special summons from 5% to 3%.  What does that mean for us?

    One of my alliance mates and I have been working on monte carlo simulator for VC summons.  You can find the source code on github here.  (Note: if you compile and run, the source currently has special summon still at 5%.  Adjust it yousrelf if you want to run it for 3%.)  It contains the known regular VC summons.  The calculator was not being with user friendliness in mind, so you may see some oddities. 


    The simulator takes a number of assumptions, some of them maybe wrong but I want to get them out there so we know what we're working with.  You can adjust the assumptions yourself before running the monte carlo.

    1) VC UR rate is 1%

    2) There is a '…

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  • Delwack

    Update: Updated to reflect new shoe EH vit cost of 12 8 (yes you keep on changing this mynet).  Thanks Mynet.  Also on a side note Special Summons are now more expensive too (+3% instead of +5% per failed summon, a detailed anaylsis of this may be coming soon in a seperate post).

    Mynet has made a number of small changes that in isolation have a small effect on vit usage, but in aggregate have a serious impact, making vit and shoes much more valuable (and scare) than they used to be.  Many of these changes were small and phased in slowly across a number of events, but they all point to the same thing:  higher vit cost and more encouragement to use the now more expensive shoes.

    So let's go over a history of the changes made designed to drain people…

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