Feeling physically and mentally drained from the frequent Alliance Duel scheduling? You're not alone... as much as I love this game, it's no longer the pick-up and play game that I go to anymore. I'm tired, my alliance members are tired, we want to rank in Duels, but either miss the schedule times, or not enough of us can make a battle and we get wiped by some pay2play folks tossing rods like nobody's biz...

Recently a collaboration of over 46 alliance leaders and vice-leaders have decided to make NUBEE know that we are unhappy with this mind-boggling change of direction for the game. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So we're putting out call to arms, against the "Alliance Duels" event, at how it is causing many long-time players to leave, how it is causing unwanted and unnecessary conflicts amongst players, and how it is causing good friendly alliances to fracture!

We have plans in motion to get the attention of NUBEE, to send out a STERN MESSAGE to them, mass-mailing them our INDIGNATION and FRUSTRATIONS, boycotting duels, until they WAKE UP THEIR IDEAS and do something constructive for us, their player base!

I mean, give us A BREAK, NUBEE!~ we know you need to earn money for the upkeep of the game, all you need to do is simply let your player-base know when you need help! We love the game, and we don't mind sinking some cash to help you out, but this method... it's not working for a lot of us... we are feeling tired, strained, and it is causing a lot of us to drop out of your game. A player base that is either pissed-off and/or shrinking does not help your game!

If you feel the same way, and would like to join our cause, please send me a PM and I will invite you into the roundtable! We want NUBEE to know that this simply cannot go on... we are burning out!!! >:(

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