aka Naomi Kho Yining

  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is student, writer-in-training
  • I am female
  • Dst0902ning

    Hello... GC★Nao here.  So um... Are there any t500 and below rankers who don't have an extra war maiden weapon (or any other amal item or SR Murakamo) and any t3000 rankers who can't reach F 90k planning to fire complains?  

    Firing multiple complaints can probably make mynet to compensate us and improve the tower event, so I hope that you will fire a complaint as well if you fit the criteria that I have stated so everyone will gain benefits.

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  • Dst0902ning

    Hello fellow VCians! I am GC★Nao, a VC player who started to play this game on 2016/5/15. You may know me from the game, on the wiki, in the fb group(I am Naomi Kho Yining) or in the discord group(I am 巧克力熊 ChocoNao). I am in JJ's Line group with the username Naomi Kho Yining but I rarely check it and I didn't speak in there except for the first two days(lol). I was supposed to celebrate this on the 15th of May but I was busy with exams and real life and then I totally forgot about it after that... until today. 

    I was planning to make a video, but I still don't have a screen recorder in my phone and using blustacks is pretty troublesome in terms of transferring accounts so I decided to make a blog post instead. 

    Firstly, I want to thank my a…

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