IS IT JUST ME or others too. Ever since the update around 10:40pm 5/1/14 pacific time.

i haven't been able to battle archwitches. when i get them it freezes, or when i try to battle  (mine or ally) it it's stuck in the loading circle... not to mention, the level doesn't decrease (so far) when i'm forced to wait and quit... & when collecting rewards it'll freeze and turn to a dark grey.

Also, that download data keeps happening...the exact same one, everytime i have to restart.(it'll go to 100% download and let me play, but when ever i reopen the app, it'll happen again...ever since that little update)

This hasn't happened before out of my entire game play. so i have no idea whats going on...

all i know is that the only thing im unable to do is that i CAN  NOT  fight archwitches or collect reward... it was fine right before!...

is it just me?

thanks for replies ^^

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