It has already happened a lot of times that whenever there is a leak out, everybody is on to guessing which card is what, where will it appear, and wishful thinking about which is the Ranking Reward and such. Like, when people thought Shadow Magician would be the RR, just because it was nice, and well, precisely because it was so nice it was a Box Summon. I had my fill of laughs and wishful thinking.

But lately, people have been transporting that speculation from the comments, or directly from the wishful thinking of the editors, to the card information. That is wrong, I think I may not need to explain why, but I'll do it anyway: whenever information goes out of the comments into the card info, people will believe on that information, since they already trust the wiki. And precisely this way of editing this last batch of cards have given us people paying for Hellgate, just because here it said it was infiproc. And a lot of people don't know how you get this info, how would they know if this info is available before someone obtains the card? So, now how do I know the skills listed are right? Is Qilin and Bicorn skills those described? Because last time I heard, their skill desc and skill fire are different. How the proc rate and boost percent is known on the 3 remaining URs (Wadatsumi, Tsuchinoko, Persephone) if that has never been available from before?

I am not saying the info is incorrect. It may turn out to be ok. But if your piece of information is not assured, better place it in the comments. As easy as that. The warning label isn´t enough. Get some edit block on those cards, posting only pics, quotes, skill (not rates nor number of procs, and if skill fire is the same as skill desc), nor mode of obtaining them, until they are released, and we have the complete info.

Let's discuss in the comments.

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