LOL, I keep asking on myself many times if there are still many people playing this game.

I'm an Alliance Leader in a guild for 2 years, and for the sake, WHERE ARE THE ACTIVE PLAYERS?!

I keep on inviting till I reach that 100 gauge, yet NO ONE'S ACCEPTING. I asked myself why.

It wasn't like this before. A year ago, it was so easy to get members. They are 99% active, but now. What had just happened? Just this year, maybe the last AB event, 60% got inactive for idk reason. Before, most of the time we got Rank 1 or Rank 2 with an average of 200k-300k, and 16-17 members per round (we are not rodding grp) but suddenly we became 100k-200k, and  7-11 members per round, and we're only 25/30. I kept on asking myself "Is it my fault for them not to become active?"


I asked my veterans about this- about why no one's accepting my invitation anymore, why on my guild, including the veterans had lower participation, and they said:

"It's because we got GUR/HUR already."

"It's because nubee just changes the art but same skill set."


And I suddenly realize that they're right. Many of them got Huang Long, or any other HUR/GUR cards that is very imbalanced, so what's the sense of joining alliance? Or maybe, playing and prioritizing VC?

I think the inactivity of old players are increasing. I'm an old player, quitted for about 4 months last year, and came back. Even though I dont have UR when I came back, now I got many GURs, kill FAW very easily. I do now understand why my veterans are a bit inactive than before,


BUT STILL,  why people just keeps on denying joining on my alliance? Am I picking the wrong level gauge (level 100+)? Ughh.. Now, I even inviting level 40+, still NO ONE ACCEPTS IT. 

Ughh,, It's very hard to be a leader. I'm making my best to become active most of the time.

sorry for my rant... its just i wanna cryyyy asdfghjkl VC wasn't like this before!

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