I would like to address this issue since contributors to the wikia in the past few events have added some data which are not even close to each of the proposed ranking numbers (Rank 3000, Rank 1000, etc.). 

There should be a rule regarding the range of each one. Maybe a decrease in the range starting from Rank 3000? Say Rank 3000 will only allow contributions from rank 2750-3250. Rank 1000 will only allow contributions from rank 875-1125. And Rank 300 will only allow contributions from rank 275-325. If there are any suggesstions of alterations to this method or you just want to have a say in this, then feel free to comment below. 

This is not a really major issue, I would just like to see a more accurate table of data in each event without having some days where the number is less than the one in the previous day because some person thinks that they have a "close enough rank" to the number. 

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