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  • Fairingrey

    I don't have a lot to say; I kinda want to finish writing up this post and then get back to some homework and group assignments I have to finish up.

    But either way, the last post didn't feel complete which is why, of course, I've broken it up into more than one section. If you haven't read the last section, you can check it out here. You don't need to read it to read this section though, since this part, of course, will be more specific.

    Anyways, getting started.

    We've talked before in our last post about how VC as a game might be either dying or not and I said that it's neither dying nor not dying. Feel free to disagree with me on that, but I'm just offering my perspective.

    However, VC relies on its players to sustain itself. Just like every …

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  • Fairingrey


    Hey guys, Lyr here. It's been a while. Now I'm back to writing and ranking temporarily; I'm still busy with a LOT of work. Thanks to all my senders and traders for helping me out and stuffs.

    So first I'd like to come out and say that yes, I do happen to be back to rank for this event. Thanks for everyone still keeping me around, and new comrades accepting my comrade request or happening to add me at just the perfect time.

    Although me ranking doesn't mean Spica ranking. No. Spica was the name of a crazy ranking legend that I am now the shadow of. Spica was someone that wrote extensively on ranking for FAWs, ranked heavily for every event to the point of having a questionable patience threshold, and bothered jumping into the community her…

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  • Fairingrey


    My interest in this game is dropping like a pinball. Sad to say, but I think I'm quitting for good in this game.

    Anyways, hello all, I'm... Lyr. I lost a wager to Bee during the last event where he said that he would take upon my former in game name if he ranked higher than me on the first day ranking when I had classes going, so there's that. That explains the name change, and it confused some amount of people.

    But what's more confusing is the fact that I've been sorta dead for the past several days. It's the first time in a long time that I've ever ranked below 50 during a FAW event; even during Nuisance's event I ranked 32nd, so having ranked way below that is kinda new for me. I'll post a screenshot later if anyone's interested, but …

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  • Fairingrey

    Come… I will give you a night-long talk. ― Nyx

    As usual, check out my other blog posts if you are new to my writing.

    Hey guys, never thought I'd write another one of these blogs so soon, but here we are. Tonight, this post is going to cover some things that I wish I could say more concisely, but when I do it usually ends in a little drama because I'm too serious or some shit like that.

    So today, we're going to finally shelve it in the history of my little blog that I keep updating and building on top of with the help of some friends here and there to assist. Right now, I will advise you that before you think any different of me (since people usually do), these are my thoughts and opinions. They certainly don't reflect anything objective on my…

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  • Fairingrey

    I'm all wet. I'm talking about my negligee, of course. ― Nureonna

    Wah, so daunting. SO MANY WORDS. I don't know how many of these kinds of things I've written but I am definitely very happy to receive the patronage from readers and lurkers alike.

    So here we are, second part of my partially comprehensive checklist of things to know when you're ranking. Hopefully these tips can help you out and make you be a more efficient player. Today's a good day, so I want to finally finish this draft and get this over with, because sometimes I am just flat out tired of writing out so much stuff.

    Sadly, this might also be one of my 'last' posts unless there are things people want to recommend to me that I can write about, given I share some interest in the t…

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