Why would you possibly want to gather so many girls? - Delusion


  • Kelerik @ Rank 5
  • Spica. @ Rank 2

In these photos: Kelerik, Spica.

I broke the rank 3 curse, guys. Chinese bro at rank 3 currently, as you can see, got lazy.

Now, should I am for rank 1? Like a crazy?

In other news, my userpage was recently prettified so you, reader, can take a look at it if you like. Go ahead, take a look!

Thanks to all my senders and stuff, you guys so kewl.

Also, AF is slated to have 2 new slots open within around 500 emblems, so anyone interested in joining should keep a wary eye out. This will probably happen during the next AD day. This is not alliance recruitment, okay! I'm just letting you guys know…

Maybe I'll write a new blogpost since I've got around a month of free time and my summer physics course ended.

Well, anyways, that's all. Cheers!

P.S. If you're visiting my kingdom and want to add me, please notify me through my message wall, you can post your name or your ID and I'll recognize you. I'm getting pounded with visits so I apologize for anyone that does. My comrades' list is on the brink of being full, if its not already full.

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