Screenshot 2014-05-31-16-26-23

This is clearly true.

Be amused.


Two reminders for some of us lazies.

  • Remember to check your online status via alliance page if you want to keep getting sends from people.
  • The flee button is a stupid liar and nubee should stop scaring off people with that dialogue window.


  • Madhouse didn't mess up NGNL but they messed up their two other LN adaptations
    Screenshot 2014-05-31-16-47-37


  • DATE A LIVE's Kaguya is not getting enough attention. And Touka needs more love.
  • Mocha fudge ice cream is pretty addicting, but don't get too fat from it.


My next blog post might concern team compositions... if anyone actually reads this stuff. ;_;

Thanks for reedings.

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