• Felee

    So after spending keys in modes Intermediate through Advanced+, it seems that when using a Multi-hit x Salvo team, Intermediate and Intermediate+ are roughly equal at giving the most points in EH, about 340-380K per battle for 3 battles. Without overkill teams in the last two modes, Advanced+ comes next (~150K/battle), and lastly Advanced (~80K/battle). So I was womdering, should it be okay to have Inter and Inter+ yield the most points, or should it be Advanced+? A similar situation has happened in EH before Mynet adjust the points to ecourage fighting in Advanced Hall, and people were generally fine with that. I guess we can list some pros and cons of making Adv+ king of points, and we'll decide from there.

    First, the pros. It would make …

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  • Felee

    I want to reflect on the year of 2016 and talk about how hard it was to rank in the events we had for last year. Hard meaning competition between players was fierce. These include all normal events from "A Celestial Shrine Visit" to "Holy Night! No One at the Gate". Side events like Bounty Hunt's are excluded. First, some Honorable Mentions, in chronological order.

    "A Celestial Shrine Visit "- This one wasn't that hard, but it was a very lengthy 3 weeks of an event, and 2 weeks of EH farming. There were also an Item Exchange for us to encourage more grinding. Tha amount of time alone though is why this gets an honorable mention.

    "Moonlight Rumble "- This one did not feature an EH, and it would be the first time all points were nerfed. Pure s…

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  • Felee

    A Little Thanks to Mynet

    April 29, 2016 by Felee

     I just wanted to take the time to observe all the positive changes Mynet has made to VC. It just seems like it needs to be out there as there are lots of noticeable changes that cause negative reactions and the changes that were obviously good went unnoticed. So here is my list of the good they did so far:

     1. Stronger cards. They are constantly increasing the value of cards in many ways. One easy example is to look at the Soldier Count of cards. We have some cards, even free, reaching 26K+ in soldiers, by far better than what older cards could have. Also, the skills of cards have improved when you compare them to what those same skills used to be, such as turn skips able to delay for an extra turn. They've also aaded more cards with two s…

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  • Felee

    My Blog

    April 24, 2016 by Felee

    So just to record my progress in my VC account....

    This event featured a special summon which was different from previous special summons in three ways:

    1. There was no option to summon for 300 jewels.

    2. The UR rate would increase by 3% rather than the 5% from before.

    3. The summon was available throughout the entire three days rather than being available at certain times for an hour during the three days.

    So Fallen Angel was introduced to the set of cards with a dual skill, which in my opinion was rather neat. However, my main goal was to get URs with different skills and hopefully get the opportunity to try them out myself. So I spent. The results were, interesting. I ended up with one UR with an All Skills Unleash that could be awakened, bu…

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