I just wanted to take the time to observe all the positive changes Mynet has made to VC. It just seems like it needs to be out there as there are lots of noticeable changes that cause negative reactions and the changes that were obviously good went unnoticed. So here is my list of the good they did so far:

 1. Stronger cards. They are constantly increasing the value of cards in many ways. One easy example is to look at the Soldier Count of cards. We have some cards, even free, reaching 26K+ in soldiers, by far better than what older cards could have. Also, the skills of cards have improved when you compare them to what those same skills used to be, such as turn skips able to delay for an extra turn. They've also aaded more cards with two skills, and though Nubee did start it, they've used things like unit bonuses to cards in LAWs. There really wasn't a summon card that had two skills before Mynet either, so that brought extra value into paying for cards. Just some of the things they worked on and I hope they continue this.

 2. Updating Rare Medals exchange. Yes, that upgrade from being able to exchange 5 arcanas at once to 10 isn't much for many people, but it's an example to show that Mynet is aware of some issues with this. And it's helpful for people who aren't as high level to get as much of what they need quicker. If we are lucky, we could see another upgrade to exchange, or if we're really lucky, we could see ATK+ and DEF+ arcana added into the batch.

 3. Changing EH Hall. I say changing rather than improving because there are some mixed feelings about this change. Since Orbs were hard to come by in EH, Mynet has come up with an answer to add an enemy into EH that guarantees an Orb when defeated. However, this change bumped up the cost of vitality to being 8 per step rather than 7. This could be a small hindrance to those who only wish to use EH for AW points for ranking, but those who are in need of Orbs may find the expense worth it. I am okay with this change myself, but opinions will vary.

 More changes and impovements will arrive in the next VC update and I hope they turn out well. But for right now, I just wanted to post this so we could take a moment to stop seeing everything as getting worse for the game. It is easy to complain, but we should remind ourselves of what good things we now have. Let's just hope they keep the good things rolling.

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