So just to record my progress in my VC account....

This event featured a special summon which was different from previous special summons in three ways:

1. There was no option to summon for 300 jewels.

2. The UR rate would increase by 3% rather than the 5% from before.

3. The summon was available throughout the entire three days rather than being available at certain times for an hour during the three days.

So Fallen Angel was introduced to the set of cards with a dual skill, which in my opinion was rather neat. However, my main goal was to get URs with different skills and hopefully get the opportunity to try them out myself. So I spent.

Fallen Angel H

Worth the effort?

The results were, interesting. I ended up with one UR with an All Skills Unleash that could be awakened, but the rest of the URs weren't very interesting, some not able to be awakened. Oh well. As for Fallen Angel, I got four URs of her, evolved, awakened, and maxed her two GURs, so I'm moderately satisfied.

Then came actually using her. I tried experimenting with my LAW deck. Putting one of her in a tri unleash and 1 nuller team did realy well against this LAW, especially with GUR Celestial Oracle and Oracle Chair. In EH I used her in a mixed deck and tried her in Advanced, and she worked with the team just fine. However, the addition of a second Falllen Angel really turned things up. I used the two with my HH against LAW and was really reliable in winning with 3 or less chalenges, sometimes even in only 1. In EH she once again solidified my team to help deal more damage rather than simply getting lucky with only 1 of her on my team. So, was it worth summoning?

I guess so. While I was a bit disappointed in not receiving two copies of a different UR, I guess I can't really expect that much if it's not a newly introduced card. And really, what I did get is working better for me than before. So, aside from the act of spending, no regrets.

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