So after spending keys in modes Intermediate through Advanced+, it seems that when using a Multi-hit x Salvo team, Intermediate and Intermediate+ are roughly equal at giving the most points in EH, about 340-380K per battle for 3 battles. Without overkill teams in the last two modes, Advanced+ comes next (~150K/battle), and lastly Advanced (~80K/battle). So I was womdering, should it be okay to have Inter and Inter+ yield the most points, or should it be Advanced+? A similar situation has happened in EH before Mynet adjust the points to ecourage fighting in Advanced Hall, and people were generally fine with that. I guess we can list some pros and cons of making Adv+ king of points, and we'll decide from there.

First, the pros. It would make sense to earn the most points in Advanced+ since it is the hardest. Currently, we have to sacrifice either the materials  to rank, or the points for medals, Orbs, cores, etc. With Adv+ giving more points, we would get rewarded with both points and materials. More cards would be considered useful since ovekilling is no longer a thing, and we could see a variety of skills in Events and Summons, which I'm sure a lot of players want.

But here are some cons. Since it is unforgiving to those trying to overkill, it ruins the purpose of using Salvo Cards. That may displease players who value their Salvo cards so much. Multihitters also don't work well here, since you either miss max dmg with 40/50% multi-hitters (or make an incredibly crazy deck that debuffs DEF to deal max skil damage again), or you barely get overkill with cards that hit only 4-6x times. Players who put effort into these cards to rank may be displeased to have cards that may no longer help them the way they did before. Also, it could influence ranking in one or two ways: the difficulty becomes the new wall that prevents ranking, and/or more players can rank because overkill cards are no longer required. So maybe more competition, maybe less, hard to tell really.

I personally would like to make Advanced+ reward us with the most points, followed by Advanced. I'm more in favor of getting the points and materials for the hardship. What do you guys think? Should the source of points stay in Intermediate/Intermediate+ or move to Advanced+? If so, by how much? Any other feedback or additional pros and cons would be nice.

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