I was chatting with a bunch of my VC friends on instagram about the upcoming LR summon, and what we expected, or hoped, for it.

I'm going to write the couple of points we all agreed on below.

- No rares in it. Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to have the lowest rarity be SR. I mean, personally I medal most of them anyway (except Chronos. I need Chronos)

- Hopefully a larger pool of LRs than just Fenrir (maybe Oracle; but the news said she was exclusive to the summon, right?) and for the love of god Mynet, GIVE MIA ANOHTER SHOT! 

- Gives out LR tickets during campaigns and other stuff. (For example: Happy New Year! Here's one LR ticket!) Once again, pretty optimistic.

The reason why I wrote this is because I want Relena's Challenge to end. This wasn't a challenge this was boring. So glad I didn't attempt to rank in this. 

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