I'm going to admit something I'm not proud of: I got lazy during an event when farming is key. Hence, As of this morning, I had just amalgated my first UR Sally (with Rare Sallys, of course). But uh...we all know that Sally's SC is rather lacking, and to be perfectly honest needs to be a GUR in order to work the best. 


But how was I going to get 8 Rare Sally's to make another perfect UR?

I had work today, as well as some house cleaning I'd been meaning to do for a while. (Oh, by the way...70s adhesive makes your hands REALLLLY sticky and dry. Like, my fingers made a rubbery sound when I rubbed them together). But that's beside the point. 

Anyway, I decided to play VC during whatever freetime I had. By 7pm, I had 20 Katrinas, 5 Dancing Sallys, and 4 Ammys with unopened reward boxes. So, me being me, I decided to write down exactly what I got from all 29 boxes. 


Fantasy and Legendary Archwitch Haul
Katrina Dancing Sally Ammy
Rare Sallys 7 N/A N/A
Shy Sallys N/A 0 N/A
Random SRs 1 0 0

Random Rs

13 4 6
Random Ns 17 1 0
Random Arcana 2 0 2
LAW Tickets N/A N/A 0
LR Tickets N/A N/A 0


Pretty happy. I got all the Sallys I need now, so I can relax and focus on ABB, AAW, and amalgating the rares into Dancing Sally. Would've been nice to have some tickets, but I feel this was an amazing pull and an interesting experiment. Even if it was just to test my curiosity.

I might do more of these. Should I?

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