Hopefully this won't be full of salt, believe it or not it's not my goal to be salty.

But I think Mynet threw a bit too much at us. At least, that's the reason I got so upset with this event. Now that I've had a couple days to digest the thing that is LR Relena, I've realized that this event isn't really the worst thing to happen to me with VC.

Okay, so what I mean by giving us too much is that I feel that they introduced the Amalgamating LRs a little too early - The few LR cards in the game are still currently the one thing that everyone either loves or hates (similar to the awakening feature when it was first introduced). They're still rather new; too new to introduce an event where you can create one - with enough swords, shoes, and salt that is. 

In all honesty, this event might have been better recieved if it was split up into multiple parts. I know that they might drag it out, but what I mean is have one event focus on the Custom Skill aspect, one on UR Relena, and then one with Chimry.

Ah, yes, the new Custom Skills. I'm glad that they released them, but as I said above, they probably shouldn't've shoved it in with the LR. It only makes this event more cluttered. I hope they have another EH event centered on the Custom Skills aspect, just so people can actually focus on something instead of trying to get 5 things from the panels at once.

I'm not upset with the difficulty of the event anymore, to be honest I don't think I ever was. Although, people getting upset has made it a bit easier to rank for me because they refuse to participate. My goal this event is to get Leisurely Relena, but I don't think I'm going to get her if Relena continues to hide from me. Chimry loves me! Relena doesn't.

Anyway, I'm rambling at this point. 

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