This event has been easy going for me, even with the FAW's little support unit.

With Circe being passion type, my Alien can easily rid of those, with Witch Hunt and me being the Hunter, so Witch Hunt triples, I'm basically doing 80-100k damage per turn without buffs.

As for the FAW, most of my unit is passion type. I still have that Ragnarok crit user. Although the support unit that she has can get very bothersome if they aren't dealt with. (Multiple turn skip procs, weakening, etc)

I have yet to use my URs, but I'm waiting to get a whole Cool type unit of URs, I already have 3, just waiting for an Attack buff and another crit or attack all card. (I'll upload my current unit later)

I've been a free user most of the game then I bought jewels here and there for things such as leveling up my Castle to level 10, buying and leveling up Magic School and other Jewel uses.

My opinion on alliance duels is, for them to stop. They are SOOO reliant on rods and only happen at specific times. Where I live in a timezone that is extremely different from JST, I'm pretty much asleep during the times they occur. Surely I'll set an alarm to get up but most of the time that fails. I just wish they would go back to alliance battles. They were so much better in all ways. 

I have no idea what else to say, this is my first blog here and I'm just giving my opinions and what not on the current event and hope you all enjoy playing Valkyrie Crusade.

Since it won't let me upload to the wiki for some reason, I have it uploading on an image hosting site, Unit

- Geno/Vermilion

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