• Giant 6m8y1

    This game became awful.

    December 19, 2014 by Giant 6m8y1

    I play since april this year and I am very active (though didn't rank) (kingdom lvl 132). I made sure to use all my vitality and BP. And it was fun because you were able to receive all the cards except the ranking cards. I bought some gems once in a while to build some buildings and I avoided summoning because reason. But over the time I have realised a few things. Nubee is one of the most greedy companies out there. There isn't a single update/feature that made the game more enjoyable(Only more cash dependant) and I really really hope they lose their fandom soon and that the few hundreds or thousand serious cash players lose interest in the game because they are the only few left. And ultimately NUBEE SHOULD GO BANKRUPT, though by now theā€¦

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