• Hiragushi

    Since some time ago Elemental Halls have been updated, I have no other way but to stay on Intermediate+, I have a question if there's a possibility to make good EH team, or should I wait and collect more cards?

    List of cards that I have :

    1 LR Bright Amaterasu (custom skill deal 777% COOL to all enemies)

    3 LR True Wolf Fenrir (custom  skill - Deal 777% DARK DMG to all enemies)

    1 GUR Zhong Kui (deal Dark dmg 4 times) - still waiting for the end of the event for Fierce Spirit

    1 GUR Seika (DMG by all Passion allies)

    GUR Cheerful Pixie and Radiant Pixie (skipper + DMG)

    GUR Sentinel Adele (auto DMG skipper, can't be nullfilled)

    GUR Luna Llena and GUR Rux Luna Llena (skipper + DMG)

    2 GUR LANTZ and GUR Flashdance LANTZ (unleasher)

    GUR Couverture (snowballe…

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