As we all know, during the current event, "Terror Town" there is a second Fantowitch, much like the CyberCity event some time ago; except this time, it's a UR: Kiyohime. And just like Ragnarok in CyberCity, Kiyohime can also be obtained from Amalgating (sorry if I spelled it wrong) the HSRs of the AW and the other FAW.

I've just gotten mine yesterday, and I was so, very, very, happy. It was my first UR, and at the time it seemed like an infinite proc AOEer. Turns out I was wrong. According to a bunch of people on this wiki who tested it out, it only procced twice.

I'm personally VERY disappointed about this. Sure, it's a free UR, but an AOE SKILL that only procs TWICE! Sure, it's probably good for Alliance Battles/ Duels, but it's still a very disappointing UR for me. She's even worth as much Rare medals as a SR, and her Soldier Count as a perfectly evolved HUR from 2 perfectly amalagated URs is 15k. However, her art is amazing, so I guess I'll say that is one of the few shining points about her.

I seriously hope Nubee changes this, because I'm really frustrated right now.

(This is just my opinion, and I'm not trying to hate on/ offend/ discriminate against anyone who disagrees. If you disagree with me, I respect that.)

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