• IEllieee

    What Was your first SR ever?

    February 24, 2014 by IEllieee

    My first SR ever was Hervor. I still remember the dumb look on my face when i got it. I was so happy, yet it Beats having a full R team most of the time. 

    My Team Before.

    1 2* R Watermelon, HR Sleeping Beauty, SR Hervor, 1* R Urthr and a HR Skuld.

    2nd Rearranging Team

    1 2* R Watermelon, HR Sleeping Beauty, SR Hervor, 1* Urthr and a SR Candy.

    Blah Blah blah. And Now its  :

    HSR Reindeer, SR Snow White, SR Agreas, HSR Chocodevil and a HSR Gretel.  ( "Sounds like a Prettyyyy Dumb Deck to me. hahaha")

    Oh the feels... they are all coming back to me. This took a year to become the me today. For all of you guys who had hard work that took longer but paid off, Grats to you! Look back at your Past Decks, how did they look like? Do you think it was a weird …

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