• Inhandra

    I have not blogged recently, but I've still been active in the game. I had a good event, accomplishing just about everything I wanted to.

    I got 2x Paloma yesterday. Add those to the HSR Rossa I already have and that's a perfect UR Nina. I already have a UR Nina from a past event, so I end with an imperfect HUR. I lacked 2x Gungnir to have a perfect HUR Dainsleif. I got those two and then some more. I also got a Dainsleif from a Witch Gate, my first time getting a UR that way.

    I reached a new all-time high rank of 2300. I now look to finish in the Top 3000 for the first time. Once I get my final ranking rewards I will have the seven lithographs needed to make Dynatos Theseus.

    My in-game name is Raven, so of course I would want a card called Ra…

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  • Inhandra

    State of the Kingdom

    December 3, 2016 by Inhandra

    Now that I've passed my anniversary date, I wanted to take a look back at what I've accomplished during my first year.

    Level: 146
    GURs: 9
    GSRs: 3 (includes perfect Griffin)
    HURs: 13
    Single URs: 13
    Awakening backlog: 20 cards
    Magic School: Level 6
    Castle: Level 11
    Ward: Level 5
    Kingdom expansions: All done except those requiring a leveled-up Airship Dock
    Second kingdom cleared: Finished
    Arena: Level 2
    Parliament buildings: 3 at Level 10
    Great Temple: 3 at Level 10
    Goddess Statue: 2 at Level 10
    Ice Tower: 3 at Level 10
    Shrine of Light: 3 at Level 10
    Fire Ruins: 3 at Level 10
    Pagan Hall: 3 at Level 10
    Fountain: 2 at Level 10
    Barracks: 3 at Level 10
    Saloon: 3 at Level 10
    Gold/Ether/Iron storehouses: 24 at Level 10
    Gold/Ether/Iron generators: 36 at Level 10
    Workshops: …

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  • Inhandra


    November 22, 2016 by Inhandra

    The event wasn't quite as much a disappointment as I feared it would be. It was still a very unproductive event. I got Lilith's drop for max hearts in the last few hours of the event. If not for that, I would have no UR at all. I got 2x
    Barbaitos, 1x Sigrun (random (F)AW drop), and 1x Shelly (another random drop). I had to put all of my vitality and battle points into Barbaitos and Lilith, skipping WG and EH altogether. It's amazing I still made the top 5000 in the end. My rank got me my 3rd Guaranteed UR Ticket. I decided to go ahead and use them, getting Baton Twirler, Caspiel, and Premium Prize. It's almost guaranteed I'll never get a second copy of any of them, but maybe they can replace a single SR that I'll (also) probably never get a…

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  • Inhandra

    A Dark and Dreary Autumn

    November 11, 2016 by Inhandra

    Not much to say about this event. I made the top 5000, enough for a Guaranteed UR ticket. I collected 10 Volts (and 5 Treats), enough for 2 perfect HUR Hrungnirs. I got a dropped UR as well. The HURs and single UR are a boon to my Light team. It won't be enough for me to advance to Intermediate level in Light, but it gets me significantly closer. I also got lots of Joker staffs, Joker canes, and wings, but only one Joker and no fairies.

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  • Inhandra

    Bounty Hunt redux

    October 31, 2016 by Inhandra

    Did you take a week off the game because of the Bounty Hunt? At first I was tempted to after my experience with the last one. And then I saw what was there. I was fairly new when Rossa and company were new. Elemental Hall and Witch Gate were well beyond my ability, so Nina was out. On the VC subreddit, 0megawar finished off a lot of level 200 AWs for me. This was enough to get my first and second HSRs, viz. Rossa and Rossa. I still use them today in Elemental Hall, but I was willing to give them up to get Nina. They are not going away after all because I drew enough of Rossa and Palmoa for a perfect HUR Nina. (The */**/*** ticket system was an improvement over the previous bounty hunt.) I even drew a President's Armband. The only thing I w…

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