What a lousy vacation this was. A final rank of 4995 but not a single UR gained. Trident dropped twice, including the one for max hearts. Add the one I got for ranking and that leaves me one short to amalgamate a single UR Queen Poseidon. Queen Poseidon itself never dropped at all. I only got to 3½ hearts; Summer Alchemist kept me from seeing Queen Poseidon enough to get 4 hearts. Seashells? Five at a time now and then doesn't get you far. A few times Summer Alchemist would give me 50 or even 400 for a total of about 2000. Add another 199 from Elemental Hall. Grand total = good enough for a bunch of awakening materials. And I did get a HSR Alp through the Hall.

Besides getting Alp, the best thing the whole event was a single round battle. Normally I get no more than 29K points per battle. But I have reached 46K several times and even 67K a few times. But in one battle I got 111,004 points -- a new record by far.

IMG 0045

My highest (so far) one-battle points. Done 2016/07/26.

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