I'm happy this event is ending. I just can't find anything good to say about it. It's like Mynet was out to punish everyone who can't make the Top 100 and/or buy a lot of swords and shoes.

I did OK with Nezha, Monkey, and the level 300 FAW version of Empress Cleopatra. A nullifier was useless because they use some kind of skill on every turn. I did not get fielded often so I did beat them in 1bp almost every time. I  had no drops of any of them which is not surprising considering the high vitality per step plus the low chance of seeing Nezha or Monkey when stepping. I got about 100 victories over Nezha and Monkey combined. Normally I would have 150-200 AW victories in a week's time. I had 13 Empress Cleopatra victories. Normally I would have about 50 FAW/300 victories in a week.

I never tried to find Cleopatra. Besides the high vitality per step, I found when it was sent to me that Cleopatra was invincible. All of my attacks would only do ⅙ of the damage they normally do. Not only were nullifiers useless, (de)buffering was too. Every time I would use one there would be a field in 1-2 turns. Many times I was defeated without doing even 100K total damage. Cleopatra was like a LAW with a much lower soldier count.

At first I looked forward to Elemental Hall, but then found keys were impossible to get apart from the free ones as a login bonus. You can't convince me EH wasn't rigged. Use a (de)buffer and just about every time I would be instantly fielded. Way too many times for a coincidence. If the field wasn't instantaneous, it would be 1-2 turns later. Even so I was never defeated in the Hall. And I got one more Iroha (my third all together).

It was quickly obvious that Nezha was the only HxR I had any chance to exchange medals for. At this time it would help me only a little. I'm going to get some awakening materials instead and hope for a better Passion type in future. A newly awakened HxR would probably be much better in the long term than a HSR Nezha.

I suppose it was good Mynet decided to try another format for the event. So there, I did find one good thing to say. I hope I don't see an event like this one again.

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