Did you take a week off the game because of the Bounty Hunt? At first I was tempted to after my experience with the last one. And then I saw what was there. I was fairly new when Rossa and company were new. Elemental Hall and Witch Gate were well beyond my ability, so Nina was out. On the VC subreddit, 0megawar finished off a lot of level 200 AWs for me. This was enough to get my first and second HSRs, viz. Rossa and Rossa. I still use them today in Elemental Hall, but I was willing to give them up to get Nina. They are not going away after all because I drew enough of Rossa and Palmoa for a perfect HUR Nina. (The */**/*** ticket system was an improvement over the previous bounty hunt.) I even drew a President's Armband. The only thing I won't get is a second Daredevil. I may get a new all-time high rank because I tried to get as many tickets as possible.

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