An event about wolves and summer snow -- I can't let it go without some reference to Frozen.

Compared to the Celestial Vacation event, I'm barely more powerful and my final rank not much higher (4227), but my results were much better. I made one perfectly amalgamated HUR Ice Wolf Skoll. I could also make a perfect UR and evolve it with the UR dropped for max hearts. I would even have one Sorbet left over, a candidate for a new Favorite card. I could also make a perfectly amalgamted UR William, but the HSRs are presently more useful to me than the single UR would be. The biggest frustration was the number of times I went through EH on Dark days and got no Chimry coins.

I went into the event with a marginal Cool team. I sometimes had the 2bp penalty for being defeated. But now EH Cool at the intermediate level is not too far in the future; this new event will help get me there. Passion and Dark at the intermediate level are also not too far away. As for Light, I do very well at the beginner level but the intermediate level is still some time off. It would help if I could akwaken Chocolate Candy (failed 5 times so far).

Thanks to the summer campaign, I brought my castle up from level 9 to 11. The new structures will help once I have them all built and leveled up.

I don't expect to make the Top 4000 at the end of this new event, but at least a single Goth Oracle is within possibility. It would be my first Oracle card.

Do you want to build a snowman?

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