IMG 0060

Dainsleif from Witch Gate

I have not blogged recently, but I've still been active in the game. I had a good event, accomplishing just about everything I wanted to.

I got 2x Paloma yesterday. Add those to the HSR Rossa I already have and that's a perfect UR Nina. I already have a UR Nina from a past event, so I end with an imperfect HUR. I lacked 2x Gungnir to have a perfect HUR Dainsleif. I got those two and then some more. I also got a Dainsleif from a Witch Gate, my first time getting a UR that way.

I reached a new all-time high rank of 2300. I now look to finish in the Top 3000 for the first time. Once I get my final ranking rewards I will have the seven lithographs needed to make Dynatos Theseus.

My in-game name is Raven, so of course I would want a card called Raven. I now have a HUR and made it my new Favorite card (sorry, SR Sorbet).

I even received two of a kind from Ultimate Summon, viz. 2x Amber (SR). I also drew a Pipe Fox (UR), but I would have been happier to get a second Le Mille card.

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