The event wasn't quite as much a disappointment as I feared it would be. It was still a very unproductive event. I got Lilith's drop for max hearts in the last few hours of the event. If not for that, I would have no UR at all. I got 2x
Barbaitos, 1x Sigrun (random (F)AW drop), and 1x Shelly (another random drop). I had to put all of my vitality and battle points into Barbaitos and Lilith, skipping WG and EH altogether. It's amazing I still made the top 5000 in the end. My rank got me my 3rd Guaranteed UR Ticket. I decided to go ahead and use them, getting Baton Twirler, Caspiel, and Premium Prize. It's almost guaranteed I'll never get a second copy of any of them, but maybe they can replace a single SR that I'll (also) probably never get a second copy of.

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