This event reminded me of Paris having to choose (at Zeus's command) the fairest among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. His choice helped bring on the Trojan War. I can understand Zeus not rooting for Hera. I have never heard of him trying to help get Athena picked. Even though Paris got picked for his reputation for fairness, I don't see why Zeus wouldn't be above trying to help Athena.

I got a new highest all-time rank. What really made the difference was how often Goddess Cynthia appeared. It also helped that Yuzuki was confined to one area. I can see the difference in my victory counts, viz. Diana much lower than normal for AW and GC much higher than normal for FAW/300. My progress points were also below normal.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Yuzuki. If not for that I'd have no Luna at all. Yes, I did try that area, but with a drop rate of 0.39% and 15 vitality per step I never really had a chance. In the event's final hours I got two Lunas, both from Yuzuki being sent to me. I like Luna and Goddess Cynthia has limited use, so I may just keep Luna. I can still have a HUR from the max hearts drop and from my final ranking reward. I didn't get any other GC drops.

All results:

1x Goddess Cynthia (max hearts only)
5x Diana (including max hearts)
2x Cao Cao (helpful for me in Elemental Hall)
2x Iroha
2x Luna
1x Dorothy
505 cores

I've read many times healers (like GC) are no longer useful in the game. But a few days ago I read they can be useful if you have to put a non-element card in your EH team. I'll need to evaluate my options with that in mind.

My kingdom is now expanded to the max without having an Airship Dock; this was the maximum possible until a few months ago. With all the jewels required to get and level up two ADs I'm not going to have the full expansion for an extremely long time. I don't even have the Magic School maxed out yet. I'm starting to build and level up my second and third elemental structures, starting with the Ice Tower (after all, my first kingdom is Arendelle). With some resources to spare, I'm starting to add more trees and paths as well.

Final rank: 3537, a new high

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