It was great in the middle but ended in disappointment.

I've continued to upgrade my "structures" so that all three for cool are now level 10 and all three for passion will be level 10 in about a week. I leveled up the Magic School, gaining 1BP. I have 4 all-time LAW defeats, including my first ever. I played Intermediate Level for the first time in Light and Passion, but I was successful only in the latter. I got 5x Leviathan. I also got my second Snow White which awakened on second try.

The disappointment is that I only got 4x Batur. I have to use 3 of my 4 Stolen Treasures to get another Saurva. That leaves one left over for another Batur (good only for medals) and Captain Saurva is out of reach forever. It's like having
failed to reach the top 5000. I would rather have had the Fake Treasure than the Guaranteed UR Ticket. I'd be happy if my ticket gets me a second Le Mille, Mildred, or Rogue, but I'm sure I will just have another single.

Although by no means Mynet's fault, my ISP (viz., AT&T) held me back. I would lose my connection 1-4 times per hour (more often in the daytime) with each lasting 1-2 minutes. I can remember only one ISP failure last year.

Final rank: 4166

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