• IronC

    There I was, spending the last few days grinding my rear off in the current event to collect Slimes until I passed out (several times) to level and evolve the 16 Excalibur and Gungnir obtained from the Maidens & Magic Weapons event before finally amalgating them into Dainsleif, and then there are the two obtained from likeability and ranking.  It wasn't long before I ran out of Metal Slimes when attempting to level and evolve them all.

    So then I looked at the abundance of Mia's and other SR cards that I wasn't planning to use and were going to be medaled and had an idea.  First I started with a lvl 27 Slime (fed with 18 N cards + arcanas, or just the 2x exp arcana with the auto Great Success in effect), fed it to a Mia then fed her to a UR …

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