After asking the helpful alliance to wait on LAWs, (still seeking a second drop), an ally encountered a LAW, and when everyone waited, spent 31 BP to Ace, and deal 128 million, (not very impressive or efficient, ultimately, unless as an endurance test (of patience, and weariness at having been sent packing by Oracle so many times, often via rather impressive pyrotechnics .. One learns to fear the sound of spell-activation against LAWs, rather than welcome it .. The summary seems to be: not merely 'Get lost', but also 'And don't come back to Dodge any time soon!')).

Not expecting much, (given past experience), opened the AW-Reward while opening any other chests, to reveal .. The 'Dark Moon' Summonation Screen.

'At last! ..', was the first thought that came to mind .. 'Our quest is at an end!' .. Except that it wasn't, as the inevitable SR popped up in lieu of the presumed Oracle .. no less than Spade.  At least I have another of her, for HSR.  And there was (a little) rejoicing, (abruptly cut short as I realised I had just spent 72,000 Amusement coins on the fairly equivalent HSR (HMS?) Sekhmet).  And now back to hunting LAWs..

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