How to do?

Way to have the last hit of 999999 damage, i.e about 1920000 damage or any 200 lv arcwitch. 

I would say, it is not quite easy to get all the card below, but, you must get it if you want to have the highest subdue point.

1  Snow_White (SR)  or Orc (R)    critical hit +19999 max     

2 any + 200% up team skills

3 recover card 45% up, 3 pro, e.g say Lil_New_Year

4 Fully resurrects a single ally, e.g. Sage or better Cybele.

5 any card is ok

My own card for hitting 1920000 up damage

And what I am now using is

Calamity UR +29999

Omoikane SR 

3  Lil_New_Year SR

Orc R

Cybele SR

PS. I am a user for playing 1 month only, so not very comprehensive

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