• Kelerik

    Now that the "Big Update" is finally out, some new things have been added, but we still can't experience them yet until an event is released that features them.

    For those who are impatient, there are some things already added to the game files that we can look at. Any specific details, however, will still need to wait.

    I picked out the more interesting ones.

    Some of these text strings may have already been in the files. I don't normally look at these.

    • Awaken Rate UP
    • {1:num} Times :{2:cash}
    • {1:msg} Guaranteed!!
    • {2:num}{1:rare} cards
    • UR Gaining Rate
    • Awoken Card List
    • {1:befor} has succeed in Awakening!
    • {1:card} has failed in Awakening ……
    • Challenge Effect x{1:cost}
    • No cards available for Awakening.
    • Return from the Witch Gate?
    • Could not find Witch Gate
    • Could n…

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  • Kelerik

    There will be another special summon taking place from August 15th to 17th.

    This promo introduces two new cards, exclusive to special summon: Puck and Windsurfer.

    As with all other special summons, all the other cards previously introduced in special summon will also be available again. You can see the entire lineup of exclusives here.

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  • Kelerik

    With the release of Anne Bonny, several new cards were added. You may have also noticed a download for high resolution cards if you have it enabled, but don't be fooled — for some reason, the game only re-downloaded some existing cards.

    So far, all they've added were new thumbnails. This is a very tiny sneak peak at what may be added some time in the future.

    UPDATE: The new cards are Spinner, Shadow Magician, Camilla, Acupuncturist, Verethragna, Nymph, Yosakoi, Shennong, Candy Apple, Miduhanome, Sparky.
    Their full images have also been uploaded.

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  • Kelerik

    With the recent game update, an announcement was added in addition to new cards.

    The app has also been updated to version 2.4.0 and offers several new features. Visit the App Store or Play Store and update the game to the newest version.

    Key features to the update:

    • Kingdom level increased to 200
    • Card limit increased to 200
    • Card collection page limit increased to 10
    • A delete button has been added to the presents screen

    Visual Bug on Version 2.4.0:

    • Skills are showing their Lv 1 effects on the card pages even if they were upgraded.
      However, the skills are showing the correct effects in battle.

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  • Kelerik

    Hello all,

    I'm writing this post today to touch up on some topics that should have been addressed ages ago and I am hoping it gets a lot of attention. There is a lot I want to cover and I need input from as many people as possible.

    Surprisingly, this wiki never had an "about" section until I made one recently, which can be found here. I think it needs to be fancier before it gets a link on the front page. I know there are some people out there who are more creative than me and can make it look awesome.

    Finally written down at Valkyrie Crusade Wiki:Policy. This is becoming very important because people are using the comments, forums, and blogs more than ever before and things are getting very messy. Even some of the top blogs right now would b…

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