I don't know when the goddesses were updated, but it was definitely not at the usual 11pm for me. In any case, I was asleep, but I wasn't worried because I knew that Bui would handle it without any issues.

Goddess Worship

The three goddesses were updated today.

And with that, we can finally dispel the rumor of Xuan Nu being one of the new goddesses (which never should have started at all).

If you are one of the many unfortunate people (like me) who didn't manage to get their HSR Iris, yet managed to unlock Nyx millions of times, you may be wondering how the failure came about. The answer: time. The period of goddess worship that just passed only lasted for 100 days. For comparison, Nyx's goddess worship was available for 164 days (and Atropos's was 107 days).

Since nubee is never consistent with anything, it's hard to guess how long this period will last. If it will be another 100 days, you will want to unlock your goddesses in no more than 20 days. Otherwise your alliance may be in trouble.

Leaked Cards

Another three cards were added with nothing more than their names and quote data. No images were found.

UPDATE: They have been released! Pala available for a limited time only. Thor and Cirque du Luna have been added to summons.


This event has many threes. Three Steps of Love, the third Alliance Duel, three new goddesses, three unreleased cards (and my third blog).

That's all for today. Hopefully next time I won't be sleeping in.

Happy worshiping!

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