Visual bug

Display Bug in v2.4.0

With the recent game update, an announcement was added in addition to new cards.

The app has also been updated to version 2.4.0 and offers several new features. Visit the App Store or Play Store and update the game to the newest version.

Key features to the update:

  • Kingdom level increased to 200
  • Card limit increased to 200
  • Card collection page limit increased to 10
  • A delete button has been added to the presents screen

Visual Bug on Version 2.4.0:

  • Skills are showing their Lv 1 effects on the card pages even if they were upgraded.
    However, the skills are showing the correct effects in battle.


Banner 4MillionUsersCampaign

Campaign Banner

To celebrate the momentous milestone of reaching 4 million registered players and thank you all for helping make this possible, we will be holding the 4 Million Users Campaign as described below.

12:00 PM, 6/27/2014 to 11:59 AM, 7/7/2014 (JST)!

- Jewels galore! (6/27 to 6/29 JST)
For three days, you can get <img=5> 100 jewels just for logging in! Get 300 jewels total during this time!

- One SR Jodie Explorer card!
All players who log in during the campaign will get one SR Jodie Explorer card!

- Maiden ticket exchange lineup!
During the campaign, a maiden ticket exchange lineup will be added.
<col=8>*Added items will be removed once the campaign ends.</col>

- Buildings for sale!
Some buildings you purchase with jewels, will be half price during the campaign!

- Step Summon mini 7/4~7/7(JST)
For a limited time only, Step summon mini will be available! 
You may have a chance to gain your rare maiden cards just by 3 steps! There will also be some bonus prizes for doing this summon! 
The SR cards gaining rate will be increased greatly too! Easy try for currentl players and all Newbies as well!   

- The login bonus jewels, campaign celebration cards, and other campaign rewards will be sent to your Presents box. Make sure to get them there!
- These campaign presents cannot be picked up after they expire.
- We reserve the right to change the campaign's schedule or other aspects of the campaign without prior notice.

We hope you will continue to play and enjoy "Valkyrie Crusade"!

New Cards

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