The following is all of my awaking attempts so far. Will update from time to time until the list reaches 100. It takes 31 stones (GSR) or 47 stones (GUR) to awaken and it has a 60% failure rate. Gathering stones of one type can take long with that in mind I feel the number of stones needed should be reduced to about half since the failure rate is so high. So far 13 out of 40 was a success. (updated with 41 to 50, April 29)

  1. Orihime (Fail)
  2. Celestial Hades (Fail)
  3. Orihime (Fail)
  4. Soul Eater (Success)
  5. Celestial Hades(Fail)
  6. Corvus (Success)
  7. Santa Orcale (Fail)
  8. Celestial Hades (Success)
  9. Infernal Hades (Success)
  10. Orihime (Success)
  11. Leviathan EX (Fail)
  12. Santa Orcale (Success)
  13. Leviathan EX (Fail)
  14. Huang Long (Fail)
  15. Leviathan EX (Fail)
  16. Catcine (Fail)
  17. Huang Long (Fail)
  18. Leviathan EX (Fail)
  19. Catcine (Fail)
  20. Redeye (Success)
  21. Leviathan EX (Success)
  22. Omikoshi (Fail)
  23. Redeye"2nd" (Fail)
  24. Huang Long (Fail)
  25. Redeye"2nd" (Fail)
  26. Omikoshi (Success)
  27. Chocolatier (Fail)
  28. Redeye"2nd" (Success)
  29. Zenobia (Success)
  30. Dainsleif (Fail)
  31. Drum Major (Fail)
  32. Polaris (Fail)
  33. Catcine (Fail)
  34. Polaris (Fail)
  35. Dainsleif (Success)
  36. Polaris (Success)
  37. Vermillion Victoria (Fail)
  38. Chocolatier (Success)
  39. Drum Major (Fail)
  40. Vermillion Victoria (Fail)
  41. Huang Long (Fail)
  42. Vermillion Victoria (Fail)
  43. Super Iroha (Fail)
  44. Vermillion Victoria (Fail)
  45. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)
  46. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)
  47. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)
  48. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)
  49. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)
  50. Princess Iron Fan (Fail)

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