aka Dallas

  • I live in (Born in Ethiopia) Now the USA (America)
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Student xD
  • I am female (of course :3)
  • Kirbyna321

    Hey guys it's Kirbyna, if you still know me, you'll think I'm going to rant again but I'm not. This is different because I abandoned my own account and starting a new one. I think its better for me to stop ranting and to take more advice form other people and possibly give advice myself to other people who need it. My own account I didn't like because I was doing all of my ranting and apologies and blah blah blah. Now its time to go back to what I'm better at doing, and that is creativity. If you seen any of these posts before, you'll see where I'm going with this. Otherwise if you're a newbie to this sort of stuff enjoy!

    Valkyrie Crusade if it's ever made into an anime will take years to get the anime to air in Japan/America or even Poland…

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  • Kirbyna321


    Today I would like to talk about alliances and about what VC should upgrade, along with what they should add to the game and more event suggestions. I will also include a questions about you #2 at the bottom of this post, so feel free to answer them in the comments below. LETS GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!

    Now, alliances are groups when people work together and help send/kill/trade A/FAWS in the VC Game universe. I have been part of over 7 alliances, and withdrew all of them for the following reasons:

    Most of the suers havent been active, and I feel like the alliance is dead for some reason, and theyre not telling me why.

    It got dismissed when I told them I wouldnt be on for just 1 day and they dismiss me. I dont know why beca…

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  • Kirbyna321

    Hey guys it's Kirby........YES I KNOW IM RANTING AGAIN AND I DON'T CARE!!!! I don't because this is relevant while the ones in the past weren't which only 45% of the poeple actually were relating and giving me advice i appreciate it very much OK BACK TO THE RANT!!!!

    Now card catergories which is very interesting based on my opinion why not make one with the nature and THE LAND OF THE ANGELS EVENT!!!! PERFECT RIGHT yeah they might not do that.

    Now I'm an artist so the reason why a play VC is to make new friends, obtain goals, be social in groups and help people are, and collect cards to inspire my drawings of anime. Ok these artists inspire me the most and yes I follow them on everything to see what they draw next and it's very exiciting and …

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  • Kirbyna321

    Hey guys It's Kirby, and i would like to say that I havent posted since yesterday which it hasnt been months since i posted my apology and advice. People requested i should work on the anime more and THIS GIRL WILL DO IT (Yeah I exxagerated DONT JUDGE ME!)

    LETS GET STARTED!!!!!!!!

    Now I made some new sections and add on to the Islands and characters, now since I made my last rant I'm going to rant about this now so i can get it out of the way and not get judged and hated on because im telling my opinion which I've been doing all the time. It hurts me when people say i dont work hard when I have VC about 5-7 hours, maybe the whole day one weekends, school/homework, drawings and book club, anime drawings im working on for digital art so i can …

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  • Kirbyna321

    Hey guys it's me again, and I know you don't want to hear me rant, so I'm now complaining and trying to make a point. I don't know how though, so we can start with how you guys are doing in VC and what you like about it. I haven't been on in a while and started getting into it in the last event. I still play, but I have work to do, and other video games to keep track of (Minecraft, Kirby, etc.) I'm going to chat about what other people are talking about on this wiki, and say my opinion about and say about the anime at the same time.

    A Classic Start: LETS GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now about the types of users on here. Ever since I started logging on again not participating in events but still checking out the VC app and wiki I noticed some ne…

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