Today I would like to talk about alliances and about what VC should upgrade, along with what they should add to the game and more event suggestions. I will also include a questions about you #2 at the bottom of this post, so feel free to answer them in the comments below. LETS GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!

Now, alliances are groups when people work together and help send/kill/trade A/FAWS in the VC Game universe. I have been part of over 7 alliances, and withdrew all of them for the following reasons:

Most of the suers havent been active, and I feel like the alliance is dead for some reason, and theyre not telling me why.

It got dismissed when I told them I wouldnt be on for just 1 day and they dismiss me. I dont know why because im usually very active but I had a kwanza session that day it wasn't my fault that I had to go.

People not being on at all for like a year when I waited so I leave.

Those are the reason why I'm trying to join a new alliance thats none of those following reasons. Ones that won't be kicked in like 1 day but for 4-5 days without notice. People dont understand that dismissing someone from your alliance means if they werent on for over 5 days without ur notice. That was my rant now to the questions:

1. Whats your alliance, what rank is it on, how many people are in it? Mine used to be Celestial Heart, rank 8, but most people we'rent really "online". Thanks mugi for letting me join I reall appreciate it.

2. What your favorite card now (you have to say an N card the ones higher dont count for this) Mine is of course flower girl and everyone who knows me knows that.

3. Whats your Favorite Cool/Passion/Light/Dark Card? Passion: Flower Girl, Cool: Sea Navigator, Dark:Kiyohime, Light:Eros.

4. What do u think about this rant? I dont really know you guys answer this one......


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