Hey guys it's Kirbyna/Mikisu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying that I made 2 posts of this already, and I would like to add on to the ideas I came up with, and more characters and their personalities and stuff, By the way the types in VC are similar to the ones in Pokemon becasue Cool=Water Type, Dark=Dark Type, Light=Psychic Type, and Passion=Fire Type! It just makes sense to me, now LET'S GET STARTED!!!

I have new sections of the Planet Somai now and one of them is MusicaLand which is famous for their music and bands of course. Very diverse intruments and people who love music are found there, and the most famous band is called Musica Uta. These are the maidens that will live in this section.  The Next one that I've already said is a section is called Fairy Tale Island which has lots of fantasy maidens down here. The maidens are famous for their fairytales and stories/myths/legends. These are the maidens that live in this section!

This one is called the World of the Gods section where some of the goddesses hang out and live. All goddesses rule Somai and control everything from Sun to Dreams. These are the maidens that live in this section.

The next one is called Holiday Island where everyone who's holiday related lives there! I'ts famous for their holidays such as Christmas and The New Year. These are the maidens who live in this section.  These sections are called the Valkyrie Kingdom (Valkyrie), Summer Fire, the Nature, and the Seaside/Ocean Star sections. These are the maidens who live in these sections. 

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